Monday, September 5, 2011


Hooray, it's raining!  Not that it's going to do us a whole lot of good- the grass is dead, the garden is fried and we're barely getting any rain right now (which is actually a good thing, flooding is a possibility after the extremely dry summer we've had).

Our dogs are all prissy little things.  Oh, it's raining? No thank you, we don't want to go outside to potty.  Oh, it was raining at one time and now it's just a little wet? But our precious feet will get damp!  They drive me crazy.  They spend more time outside trying to find a dry place to hide until they are allowed to come back in than they would if they'd just go out and do their business.  Trust me, I don't want a wet, muddy dog running around the house anymore than they want to be wet and muddy.

Oh right, I forget how miserable and neglected our chunky, spoiled rotten, indoor-98% of the time dogs are. Yes, so completely unloved.

Meh, their little attitudes aren't going to keep me from enjoying the rain, even though I know I'll be ready for sunshine after this rainy week.


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