Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting a Handle on Eating Out-

Tim and I need to do better about not eating out so much.  It's hard this time of year- he's going through a process called Charge Conference (which I call other, not nice things).  It basically means 3-4 times a week he's got a meeting- sometimes more.

It's really easy to say "Oh, let's just go grab something quick".  The problem is it really adds up quick- especially on the weekends! During the week we both tend to bring our lunch to work or eating something at home.  On the weekends, we are together and usually I don't have a lunch meal planned- nothing is thawed or prepared.  Plus, we usually have errands we want to run... yep, you see where I am headed here.  "Oh, let's just grab something while we are out".  If we do that for every lunch meal Friday- Sunday for a month, that alone is $72- assuming we can both eat for $6 or less.  That takes some premium couponing to manage.  We haven't even looked at dinner yet!  Not to mention once you get in the habit of "just grabbing something" you stop planning ahead, which makes it more likely you need to "get something quick."

Today we managed to rein in our impulses and eat frozen meals at home.  It's hard though because I think "ugh, a Lean Pocket.  Quality food right there".  Then again, Hot Pockets have reinvented themselves and are much better than the pockets of my childhood.  Plus, does it have to be a gourmet meal? No.  A sandwich is acceptable.  So is a frozen meal or a Lean Pocket.  Not to mention- is the food quality at McDonalds really much better?

I love to cook.  I have tons of recipes that utilize my crockpot.  One of my goals for this blog is to post more recipes. That's the goal, anyway.  I'm slow.  So, I better work on making my recipes before I start urging you to cook using them, huh?

I'm being proactive.  I've put some pre-marinated steaks in the fridge to thaw, along with two chicken breasts. I'm getting back to scheduling my menus.  I plan to see what spices I can mix up ahead of time to make the crockpot recipes even quicker to prepare.

I can do this!


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