Saturday, March 26, 2011

Discount Tickets

We're going to Disney World on vacation this year for our 5th anniversary. Disney is WILDLY expensive- a pair of tickets (6 day) for me and Tim, with park hopper, was going to be over $630. YEOUCH.

Instead, I got on the internet and begin to research discount tickets. First off- BEWARE. NEVER buy partially used tickets. These can be fraudulent and you'll be out the money before you ever discover they won't work. Ebay or craigslist is not an acceptable place to get discount tickets, ever. Even if they aren't fakes, if they are keyed to someone else's finger print (which Disney likes to do when you go through those turnstiles), then what? You're still out of luck!

Also beware the "too good to be true" deals. A week "all access" pass to Disney for $100? If your Bull-crap meter isn't going off, it should be. We already saw that a base ticket with park hopper was going to be over $300. No one can give you a 2/3 discount AND all the frills and make money. More than likely you're going to be out a $100.

Once you find a place that looks likely (like, start researching that specific company. A great place to do this is to check several established disney websites (like and the Disney Boards (just google that, they'll come up). See what people say about the website you are considering. Check and see if the website you're considering has a return policy and read that in great detail.

Then you have to decide- is it worth it to take the plunge? I did. I signed up with and got a discount code sent to my email to use when I purchased tickets through a designated link that led me to Once it was all said and done, I saved over $60 on the tickets for myself and Tim.

Then came the "oh geez...will it work? I did all my research, I think it's legit... will it work?" period of time.

Imagine my relief when the tickets arrived! Perfection. I saved over $60 by doing 30 minutes worth of research. Now you know- is a great website to use to get discount tickets for attractions in Orlando. I know I'll keep them in mind in the future. Meanwhile, we've got $60 extra in our pockets!