Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Dinner of Leftovers

So I enjoy leftovers, but sometimes we end up with something that is kind of hard to use.   For instance- we had exactly eight small meatballs left over from our spaghetti and meatballs (the meat was leftover from hamburgers- the deer meat is packaged in two pound packages).

So, what to do, what to do? 

Why not meatball subs?

However, we have eight tiny meatballs and no sub rolls. Bah.

So this is what we did!  I took out a package of hot dog buns and popped two in the toaster oven, (split open) with a slice of provolone cheese in the middle.  

I made up some spaghetti sauce and reheated the meatballs, then we simply spooned the meatballs and sauce over our buns and laid a piece of provolone on the top.  Voila!

Then, because each "sub" was tiny, we repeated it- with ham.  I took some sandwich ham, cut it up and put it on the sauce covered hot dog buns, then threw a slice of provolone on them and heated them up.

Talk about a leftovers meal! The only thing purchased FOR this meal with the 1/4lb of provolone, of which we have some leftover.

It pays to think outside the box!  Now we have plenty of hot dog buns left for our hot dog meal later in the week, we're both full, and the meatballs didn't go to waste!  I call that a successful dinner. :)


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Windowsill Garden

It's cold outside- I'm sure you've noticed.  Even Florida has noticed. You got snow, Florida.  Don't deny it.

I'm working on a windowsill garden.  It's not much- a few scallions I saved before the bag I purchased went bad are happily growing in a small half pint mason jar.   Fun story- scallions regrow themselves very easily.  Even if you start with just the white bulb, a tiny bit of root and about an inch of stem, stick it in a jar with a little water, let it get some sun, and boom- new stems to be harvested and enjoyed!

In another half pint mason jar is a few stems of Cilantro.  I'm trying to root it, because it supposedly can be done.  I'm running in to problems, and have no idea why.  So far the first few stems eventually turned yellow and died, all without producing a root. Hopefully this set will do better- I use cilantro rarely, so it kills me to buy a bundle and have most of it go to waste, even if it is only a dollar or so.

I have a few inner pieces of Romaine lettuce left in the fridge from a head we purchased last week.  I plan on cutting the stem down to just a few inches and placing it in water.  From what I've seen, in just a few weeks the head of Romaine will regrow itself!

What a great way to have a small garden in the winter and stretch your dollar even farther!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm stuck

Lately I've been working at a good clip on my book- I'm down to the last chapter or two, which is incredibly exciting for me. 

Unfortunately- I'm a little stuck.  I know what has to happen, I am just drawing a blank how to get my characters where they need to go.

When it comes to times like these, I don't try to force it.  I'll spend sometime (not tomorrow, tomorrow is the SUPER BOWL!) sketching and outline of this next series of events. I'll even rework the previous chapter to see if I can take everyone down a new path which will open up things for me.

It is a very intense thing, writing a novel.  I almost wonder if I haven't put this wall in my own mind because I'm a little scared to finish the story.

Anyway, it's almost DONE. I anticipate having it finished in the next two weeks.  Then I'll go back, work my rewrites and get my readers lined up.

I'm really, really excited- writing is a passion of mine and I can't wait to submit an actual work.  I pray I can get it published, but even if I can't pick up an agent, there are so many options out there now- quite a few writers self-publish and when they show they can attract readers, are offered publishing contracts for subsequent books.

Wish me luck!