Friday, September 23, 2011


I got an AWESOME deal at PetSmart yesterday that I really just have to brag about. 

No worries though, once I get done patting myself on the back, I'll tell you how I did it.

I got all of this for...are you ready?  $23.73. No seriously.

2 8lb bags of Authority Puppy chow- on sale for $9.99 each
2 4lb bags of Authority Cat food- on sale for $5.99 each
4 cans of Authority Canned Cat food- on sale for $0.70 each
4 cans of Authority Canned Dog food- on sale for $0.88 each
2 6lb bags of Bil-Jac puppy chow- $16.99 each
1 bag of assorted cat toys- $2.99

Total before tax? $75.25.  Thankfully I have a PetPerks card, because it would have been MORE. 

So, how did I get all of this for $23.73 total?  Easy Peasy.

When you register your PetPerks card online at, you get...well...perks.  One of those is access to online coupons.  In my case, I got two coupons (printed twice) for $5.00 off any bag of Authority cat or dog food.  Then, you can go to this website and print two more! That's $20.00 off right there, making my 2 bags of cat food $1.98 and the two bags of dog food $9.98.  Yes, I could have purchased 4 bags of cat food and saved even more, but I needed the dog food.

There are tearpads at Petsmart- get 2 cans of Authority pet food when you purchase any bag of Authority pet food.  So those 8 cans? All free.

When you sign up online at, you can give them the birthdays of your pets and they will send you a coupon for a free toy or treat when you spend $10.  Since Boo's birth month is September, the $2.99 cat toys came out free.  Yay.

I also had 2 $10 off coupons for Bil-Jac, making the food $6.99 for 6lbs.  $13.98

Then I used a 15% off coupon good for this weekend only-  it's Friends and Family Weekend!

I actually got a little overage on the cans of cat and dog food, since before the PetPerks price, they were $0.75 and $1.08 per can respectively, so that is what the cashier gave me off.

So that's it!  Just a little luck and paying a little attention to online sales and voila!  A 75% savings (or so) on my pet needs!


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