Monday, September 12, 2011

CVS Deal/ How to Shop CVS

If you have a CVS card, be sure to go by and scan it at the "Magic Coupon Scanner" sometime this week.  I got a coupon for a FREE box of Crackerfuls or Fig Newton Thins cookies.  The coupon scanner is bright red and often near the door of the store, but if you can't find it, just ask an associate.

Lately, CVS has been doing a ton of these deals.  Every week it seems like we get a coupon for some new free item, so if you go by one regularly or there is one near your house/work/dog groomer/whatever, be sure to stop in and scan your card.  I've also noticed you can scan your card up to three times in one trip.  Since some of the coupons you get are good all month, it usually just reprints those if you haven't used them yet in the second and third scan.

The great thing about the coupon scanner is these are CVS store coupons you get.  So if you get a $2.00 off Excedrin coupon from the scanner, you can stack it with the $0.75 off coupon you clipped in the paper! Yay for extra savings.

Make sure you use your "bag tag" as well.  If you don't have one, you can buy one for $1.00 at the cash register.  I had a $1.00 ECB (Extra Care Buck) print today because it was the 4th time I had used my bag tag (you can scan it every time you bring in a re-useable bag instead of taking one of their plastic ones.  $1.00 ECBs print every 4th time you use the bag and you can only scan your tag once a day).

ECBs last 4 weeks from the date they print out and are located at the bottom of your receipt. You can also use ECBs to pay for another deal that prints out more ECBs, unlike at Walgreens.  This is called "Rolling" your ECBs.  So if an item costs $8 and prints a $3 ECB, if you use $8 in ECBs, you are getting the item for free and "rolling" $3 in ECBs forward!

CVS is one of my favorite places to shop.  They are super friendly to coupon users.  My favorite cashier laughs whenever I say "...and of course, I've got coupons".  He once told me "I'd be worried if you didn't!"


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