Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Avatar coming to Disney World?

I love Disney World.  Love it.  Don't necessarily love the price of taking a nice vacation down there, but we really do enjoy it.

I just read tonight that Disney World has purchased the rights to make Avatar attractions in it's Animal Kingdom.

Whaaaaaaaat?  What does Avatar have to do with Disney?

Disney is doing some huge expansions lately.  They are redoing Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, adding in Beast's Castle, Eric's Castle (from The Little Mermaid), several new rides, a huge circus themed area and a fun new roller coaster.

It's looking like Disney World will be the place to be in 2016-2017, once everything gets done! It will also give a year or so for everyone to rush down and be the "first" to see the new attractions. 

I guess I'm ok with waiting 6 years until I can go back to Disney.  After all, I was 17 when I got to visit for the first time.  At least with so long to save and plan, perhaps we can do a few more meals in the parks, instead of bouncing out to go eat at cheaper places.


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