Thursday, September 22, 2011

Car Troubles

My car looks like this!
The Caliber is having troubles.  Poor thing, you know how nothing goes wrong until you do routine maintenance? Yeahh...

We have never had the breaks checked and the Caliber has long since hit 100,000 miles.  So, Tim took it in.  The back breaks were still ok, the front breaks needed to be replaced.  No biggy.

Then starts the trouble.  It started wanting to shimmy a little as I applied break pressure.  Then it started to shimmy more.

Now it wiggles a LOT.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure when a certain car company that shall remain nameless (Midas) "machined the rotors" (I hardly understand what that is) they, to use a highly technical term, royally screwed up the car.

We're looking at $250 to get the problem fixed.

Sigh, it's always something!

ETA:  $230.  Ugh.  All thanks to Midas.  Wonder what they'd do if I presented them the bill?



  1. I'm sorry you had such a crappy experience. From what Brandon has explained to me, the rotors are part of the braking system and the car wears grooves in them after a while of braking. When the car starts to wiggle, the rotors need to be ground down so you don't have those grooves anymore. We refuse to do business with Midas anymore! They charged us over $1000 to "fix" my old Mazda, it STILL had problems after that but they wouldn't look at it again without charging us a second time. The one near us (closed down now) was very unprofessional and I think they hired anyone who could hold an oil pan.

  2. Apparently in this case, they ground down the rotors to the point they were so incredibly thin that they warped from us USING THE BRAKES! How dumb is that? The car wasn't wiggling at all before these geniuses started messing. Blah!

    Geez! Your Midas sounds like ours haha. We both know not to go back there anymore, huh?

  3. I think all the Midas are probably about the same. I'm not sure that their employees are certified. We've had better luck from a privately-owned shop rather than the national chain places.