Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buying what you don't need to make money.

This is going to be odd. Hang in there with me though.

Sometimes, you have to buy things you don't need to make money for things you do.

Example- we went to Walgreens and used a $5/1 coupon (from the Smart Source insert in the Sunday paper) for a Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor. It was on sale from $9.99 down to $7.99. The coupon made it $2.99 AND the Hydro 5 had a coupon on it for free shaving gel. So already, we've spent basically a dollar.  Yet it gets better.

Walgreens was shooting out $2 Register Rewards when you purchased the Shick Hydro 3 or 5. So I'm a dollar to the good for all intents and purposes.  (Do you see how I arrived at that number?  The free shaving gel made the value of the purchase higher.  Since it was normally $1.99 but I am getting it for free, I subtract that from the $2.99 I am spending, making it $0.99 for the cost of the razor.  Then, the $2 RRs I can use later on means I have made $1.01, even though I am spending $2.99 out of pocket at this time.)

I filled out a Mail in Rebate that was online for the Schick Razor  and sent it off- received a rebate value of the $7.99, the sale price of the razor I bought, which is what appears on the receipt before I start using my coupons.

Yep. I got paid to buy that razor and shaving gel. Tim didn't need a razor, but eventually he will use it. Meanwhile, I have $2.00 in Walgreens Register Rewards and a rebate check coming for $7.99. Sweet.  Out of pocket, I spent $3 plus tax and got the razor and shaving gel, which means I grossed almost $7.00.

There is often a coupon in the newspaper for Schick disposable razors. Usually it's $2.00 off, but recently I've found a $3.00 off coupon.

At Walmart, the cheapest bag of Schicks is $1.97.  Walmart now gives you the overage on coupons you use.  So, I get the razors free and make an extra 3 cents that comes off the rest of my purchases. I always do this deal because we can use the razors, donate them, or give them away. On my last trip that I did this deal, I used the $3.00 off coupon and was paid $1.03 in overage for the bag of razors, which came off other items in my cart. I already have 2 unopened bags, I definitely didn't need these razors, but hey- paid to buy them! Why not? 

It's good to keep an eye on deals like this. When it's free, it's free! If you can manage overage or a mail in rebate, it's icing on the cake. Anything you don't want or don't need can easily be freecycled or donated. Even check with family members or friends to see if they have a use for your "purchase".


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