Friday, September 2, 2011

Live Flowers- a waste of resources.

This post originally appeared on my blog "Keep Saving".

Tim gets a little peeved at me every now and again, mostly because I don't allow him to buy me flowers.

"Awwww" you're saying, "Why not? He just wants to be sweet!" I appreciate that sentiment. However, I look at it in this (maybe somewhat cynical) way.

Money- Flowers cost money. Sometimes (for the cheapo bouquets) it's only $5. A "nicer" arrangement from Walmart is $10-$15. So let's say he gets a "nicer" Walmart arrangement 4 times a year- That's up to $60 with nothing to show for it and we're still on the very cheap end of the flower-giving spectrum.

Mess- We have cats. Cats eat anything and everything they can with the sole hope that it will make them puke their guts out on something that is meaningful to me, or on a hidden part of the carpet that I'll step on. If we imagine I can keep the flowers safe, they start to rot, droop and the petals fall within just a few days of getting them.

So- so far we've wasted money and created a mess to be cleaned up. YAY for flowers!

Live plants are a much better investment in my opinion- something that can be potted or planted outside. They last longer and the mess is less- plus it's outside, so who cares? Unfortunately for me, I'm an indifferent gardener. I have the ability, but get bored easily unless it's the veggie garden.

Silk flowers make a good alternative to folks who need the color of flowers inside the house- no mess, no maintenance and the higher quality flowers look extremely realistic!

My personal favorite are alternative flowers. I have a half dozen wooden roses in a vase on the trophy cabinet. I also have several strange blossoms- they are made of wire and what looks like pretty colored panty-hose type material. I can't forget my pair of pumpkin seed daisies! All my alternative flowers end up costing around $1 each and they'll last close enough to forever for me!


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