Friday, September 30, 2011

The Decline of Sports

I hear all the time on the radio and tv about the decline of sports in America- people just simply aren't going to games anymore. Boo...hoo.

Let's examine WHY.

Let's say you are a fan of the New England Patriots (that's pro football, for you non sportsy people ). The WORST tickets in the joint are $65. A family of four is looking at $260 to go to the game, without including the processing fees and taxes.

Then you get to the stadium. You are going to have to PAY to park.
  • $40 for cars
  • $125 for RVs
  • $125 for Limos
  • $200 for buses
  • $40 for motorcycles (one per space)
You are now at a cool $300, if you drove in your regular car.

"Mom, Dad, I'm HUNGRY!"

Uh oh, you didn't REALLY expect them to sit through 4+ hours without needing something to eat and drink, did you? I am going to have to guesstimate on food costs (hey, I never dreamed parking was $40!). I think it's safe to say you'll pay at least $5 a drink- so x 4= $20. Then your food is probably going to range from $4+. Let's say you each have one drink and one "cheap" $4 item for food, though understand this could easily run WAY up- $36 in food. I definitely think this is a low, low estimate.


Hmm, is your kid going to want a souvenir? Bet your butt. Let's say your budget is $10 a kid, which means they can probably get a magnet.


Now, let's remember we're watching the Patriots. Gillette Stadium is in Massachusetts! You could be sitting in the snow, or in bitterly cold, 20 degree weather watching a game.

Who is beside you? Some obnoxious fan on his 20th beer. After all, just because they will only sell you 2 beers at a time doesn't mean you can't go back for more. So your kids get to sit next to some 400lb guy half naked, painted and screaming profanity, making lewd gestures and reeking of beer. Family fun for everyone! Especially when your 8 year old decides to try out a few catch phrases himself.

So you just paid $356 to sit in the freezing cold while your kids pick up some fun new words from the drunk next to you.

Meanwhile, you can buy a 42inch Plasma HD TV from BEST BUY with a 2 year warranty for $549.99. There are better deals out there, trust me.

You can sit in you climate controlled home, free of obnoxious people (unless you invite your friends over- muwahahaha), with $1 2 liter drinks and $2 bags of potato chips or 2 large pizzas ($20) that feed everyone. You can see every play on the field, you don't spend a dime in gas and for under $200 more than that 4 hours of entertainment of seeing a live game, you get to keep a brand new HD TV.

Gee... I can't imagine why you'd trade in the worst seats on the frozen field for something tangible that you can keep for years.

This is why people don't go to sporting events anymore. A family can not AFFORD to go. What happens when you spend the $356, your team gets MURDERED and you have to listen to the jeers and insults of the winning team's fans on the way to your car? Talk about your kids picking up colorful new expressions.


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