Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cash for Gold Part 3.

Catch up on the original Cash for Gold post and Cash for Gold Part 2.

This is becoming something of an addiction for me.  I had tiny pair of dolphin earrings, a pair of "pink ice" earrings and a lone sand-dollar earring.  All from when I was younger, of course.

Then we had the old engagement ring. I found it and I remembered that Tim paid $200 for it (it was on clearance).  So, my goal was to make $201.  Then I would feel like we "won" ya know?

We head to the shop that I visited the last two times.  We ring in and I hand over the "goods".  He takes a look at the ring, separates it in to two pieces (it was one of those interlocking wedding band/engagement ring deals) and puts it on the scale.  Then he checks each of the earrings- I was so happy they were all gold, because I wasn't entirely sure about the dolphins. Apparently they were all 14k too.

I hear him mumble "$260" to his partner.  I was a little disappointed.  I mean really, $260 is awesome and totally in the "win" category, but you can't help but to hope for more, ya know?  Then he surprises me by pulling off the engagement ring and looking more closely at the diamonds.  He uses a little hand-held device to check to see if they are real (they are of course) and then he checks the quality again.

Next thing I know he murmurs "Add $120".  Add $120?  YES!  That brings their offer up to $380.  I happily take the money and run :).

So off my two visits I've made around $751 on old gold that I don't wear and had forgotten about, including turning a profit on that ring.

Now I just wish I could find more to sell!