Saturday, January 28, 2012


No one will ever get out of this world alive.

Tim's Granny Drum isn't doing well.  She was admitted to the hospital on Thursday with almost no kidney function.  His uncle chose to ignore her Living Will, which forbids the use of any machines to keep her alive and asked the doctors to put her on dialysis. Friday she was unresponsive and Tim's Mom (Sharon) and Uncle (Steve) were faced with a tough decision- deciding whether or not to take her off of dialysis.  They had pretty much decided to keep her on pain medication and leave her feeding tube in, but discontinue any other life saving measures because of her wishes stated in the Living Will.

We were trying to plan when we might need to go to Atlanta, I was trying to find funeral clothes and Tim has been informed he will "get" to do the funeral.  When you are a preacher, you don't get a chance to be grieving grandson/son/cousin/in-law/whatever.

Today, Tim's Granny is responsive.  In fact, she was sitting up and speaking with everyone at last update.  The doctors aren't sure whether or not she will make it- she has some health issues and some early-stage dementia.

Right now, we're in a holding pattern.  We don't know if Granny Irene will pull through or pass away.  She may make it through this scare and pass away a month later- or a year later.  Or ten years later.

We just don't know.


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