Thursday, January 26, 2012


                                                                                    1/18: $20.00 dumped in to my paypal thanks to a
                                                                                     concept-study I did. 
1/21: $50.00 Walmart giftcard earned through a survey site.
1/23: $20.00 check from one of my survey sites.

I am able to use the giftcard in place of $50 of "real money", so I can move that real money over to the savings account

I have also made $65.00 in credits this month, but I'm not going to count those, since I use that as "fun money".

This morning I received an email telling me I had won a $10 credit in a drawing.  The best part was- I got paid to do the surveys and was entered in the drawing when I completed all of the surveys (all 4).   I never win anything, so Yay!


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