Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I miss Netflix

I didn't think I would...but I do.  I miss Netflix.

I cancelled it a few months ago because we just didn't have time to watch the movies. What is the purpose of spending $15 a month if the movies are just going to sit there? Not to mention they decided to be complete asses by cutting the service in half and charging the same price for it.

I have a blue-million shows on the DVR and we have quite the DVD collection, even if we have watched them all a few times, so I figured cutting it out would be no big deal, but we do miss getting the newest movies.

Tim & I considered getting the streaming-online version of Netflix, which made my skin crawl a little.  After all, part of the reason I dropped Netflix was that I thought it was so crappy of them to make us pay $8.00 for the streaming service when it had been included before.   I gave it a chance though-  I went online and viewed their "new releases".  Iron Man 2.  Really? From 2010? That's considered a "new release" for streaming? I hope this one doesn't have sound problems.  Last time we tried to watch Iron Man 2 on their streaming service, the main sound didn't work.  After reporting the problem, it still wasn't fixed nearly a month later, right before I cancelled our service.

I tried searching some new movies that we had been interested in watching that have been released to DVD already.  None of the movies came up. I read in an article that Netflix Streaming has only 5 of the top movies from 2011.  Yet streaming is what they wanted us to all switch over to? Really?

So what do you want me to do Netflix? Pay you to watch 10 year old movies when I can catch them on TBS or AMC whenever I want?  No- what you'd really prefer is for me to start up our subscription, pay you $8+ a month and never use the service, because there is never anything good on.

I miss the convenience of having movies come to my door, getting to see everything I wanted to without paying $20 and having to drive to a theater.  However, thanks to cancelling the service, I have $20 extra in my budget every month.   I don't feel guilty or angry when we let a DVD sit on the TV stand for 3 weeks before we get around to watching it.

Eh, maybe I don't miss Netflix as much as I thought.  After all- we still have Redbox!  Even if they have gone up to $1.25 a rental.


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  1. I MUCH prefer Redbox to Netflix. Brandon pays for the streaming service and there literally is nothing good to watch. I have tried to get him to cancel the service but apparently his mom likes it. Both are limited in selection but you only pay Redbox when you want to.