Thursday, January 19, 2012


I seem to very much have a one-track-mind.

For instance- when I am crocheting, I only want to spend my spare time crocheting.  I have a project (the scarf) and by-God, I want to finish that scarf.

Or let's say I'm reading and get very involved in a story/series.  I only want to spend my spare time reading.

You would think there would be an easy way for me to juggle what I want to do in my spare time (ie. read, crochet, play the wii, work on my story).  Instead, I find myself going whole hog down one way or the other.

I wonder if this is why I seem to flit from hobby to hobby? This week feeding my insatiable lust for books, next week cooking, baking, canning like crazy, then spending a few days working out plot issues, which quickly is abandoned to spend time with my coin collection.

I think I burn myself out too quickly.  That may be why the closet is full of half completed crafting projects or tons of crafting supplies.  Why my stories have gone unfinished, why I have countless skeins of yarn and why I blow through books like they are going out of style.

Is it too late to make New Years Resolutions?  If it is, too bad! I resolve to work on spreading my time around, not concentrating with iron focus on just one thing. 

Maybe I can keep from burning out on everything and returning to the trusty old internet to fritter my time away second by second until bed time. 

We shall see!


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