Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where did my monies go?

I'm so glad Christmas is over.  Not just Christmas- the Day After Christmas is over as well.

I am ashamed to admit that during December, I overspent.  I kept finding so many wonderful deals- I bought when I shouldn't have.  For the most part, I bought things we needed. However, we probably didn't need them right then.

It's super easy to do.  The deals are flying fast and furious.  Free shipping, extra % off, price cuts.  Oh, it stresses me out just thinking about it! The couponing sites I frequent can barely keep up during the Christmas season!

The Day After Christmas (dun dun dunnnn) isn't much better.  Stores are desperate to get rid of their Christmas things and mark them down 50% off.  They are also desperate to get the few dollars you still have in your pocket. Everywhere you look is stuff, stuff, Stuff. It's enough to drive you insane.

I ended up buying some gift bags and tissue paper at Walmart yesterday.  I needed those and this is the best time to get them.  By the time items go 75% off, there probably will be nothing left.

However, I also found this...thing.  It preyed on my weakness.  It was... a kitchen gadget. Not just any kitchen gadget, it was a mini "donut" maker. I never knew I needed one until I found it 50% off.

I snatched it up, amazed no one else had seen it. I carried it to a scanner and there I read the news- $7. Oh yes, it would be mine.

I carried it home and a small, sane part of my mind started screaming "Use it as a Christmas Game Gift next year! Don't keep it! You don't need it! Stoooop".

Did I listen? Of course not. I held out until the evening, when I decided "just to look" at what you needed to have on hand to make these donuts. Unfortunately the recipe was simple. Too simple.

"We're making donuts!" I decreed at 9pm.  So we did.  It took forever because you can only make 6 at a time, the batter is VERY thick and each set takes approximately 2 1/2 minutes to cook.

Do they taste like donuts? Not really.  Are they delicious and super fattening anyway? You betcha.

I already have "opened the gift" remorse.  I could have left it alone, but in this time of gluttony (both spending and eating wise) I didn't wanna.  I won't even tell you about the other things I purchased yesterday. Sigh. It's time to get my game face back on. I need to set more goals so I don't get so tempted to piddle my money away on junk!  I think I'm going to attach a goal list to my debit card.  Then when I get ready to buy something, I have to see the goals I've set and think about how much spending this money now because I "want to" will hurt the goals of what I really want.


ETA: We went to Walmart today to grab some groceries.  I found another donut maker.  I snatched it up like the last life preserver on a sinking ship.  At least this one really will go to the gift closet!

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