Monday, December 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Years ago- and I do mean years, I started writing a novel.  I was fifteen at the time. My computer crashed and I lost it all.  I started over at sixteen and worked on it as time allowed for two years.  Then my laptop died and I lost it.

I started another novel, since I didn't have the heart to try to rewrite the first two.  I worked on it a while and would hit a block.  School, getting married, work, moving- so many things kept getting in the way.  Then I'd start reading it to try to get the creative flow back and it would dissolve in to frantic edits, rewrites, etc.  Then I'd try to write more, but still be bogged down by something that didn't read perfectly (in my mind).

Tim got the information off of the original laptop for me as a gift one year.  I had my original novel back! Oh but it was awful.  Ok, it wasn't awful.  The story wasn't bad, but it was written when I was so young that the sentence structure was overly simplistic and it was just- well, childish writing.  I also leaned too heavily on what I knew from reading, rather than creating a more unique world.  So the rewrites began.

Then I got frustrated, put both novels aside and haven't touched either in two years.  I think I'm ready to pick them up again and finally get them finished.  My goal is to read the notes I kept around about each story, tweak my outline a bit, then just start reading.  No rewrites.  What is the point of having a beautifully edited story that is only half completed?

So- I'm back in the writing saddle. I'm ready to see where this might take me.

Wish me luck! Promise that if I can get it published, you'll buy a copy. 


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  1. I would expect a free copy, but whatever. I would own one somehow. lol