Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update- I haven't really felt like blogging and since my days have consisted of sitting on the couch being miserable, there hasn't been a lot to talk about.

I lost my voice on Saturday.  It is finally starting to come back today.  I was starting to worry!  I have missed two days of work so far and I suspect I'll miss tomorrow as well- I don't really want to go back too soon and lose it again, but I am eager to start making money again.

Today I did manage to organize the Christmas closet a bit.  I threw a few things away, broke down a couple of boxes and managed to put 3 Christmas cards in the mailbox.  We're woefully behind on cards and I am thinking I won't get them all done.

I checked the mail- 10 letters from lawyers and 1 from a chiropractor.  The joys of public records, huh?  Ambulance Chasers at least keep the Post Office in business, I suppose.

An insurance agent called yesterday.  It wasn't ours, which I didn't realize at first because I was unable to take a phone call due to not being able to talk.  This person talked to Tim and from his answers, I became suspicious and ordered him to stop talking to the person.  He was not at the accident and not authorized to speak on my behalf in this case, especially not to an insurance agent that is not mine.  As you may guess, I'm a little PO'd.

We still haven't learned if the caliber is totaled or not. I am hoping to get some word today, but if not, I may call Geico and find out what's up.


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