Sunday, December 18, 2011

Acute Bronchitis

I do so love my propensity for bronchitis.  About 5 years ago I ended up with chronic bronchitis.  Thanks to have no insurance and being very stubborn, it progressed to the point that though I had fought off the virus, my throat continued to spasm, causing me to eventually need an inhaler to help "paralyze" my throat so it could heal.


I was sick a few weeks ago and while I was well on the way to mending, I wasn't quite there when I had the wreck.  Not long after that, the "plague" returned with a vengeance.  I finally headed to a CVS "Minute Clinic" on Thursday, where I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis.  They loaded me up with enough medicine to choke a horse and here I am now- still hacking up a lung, but at least able to mostly sleep through the nights!

The thing that sucks the most about bronchitis is once you have it, you seem to be more at risk to get it again.

Hopefully the copious amounts of codeine-cough-syrup, my inhaler and the benzonatate pills help me get it under control sooner, rather than later.


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