Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prayers and Thoughts Needed

If you could, please keep my friend's son in your prayers and thoughts.  "Squeaker", as she nicknamed him, is only 5 years old, but on Wednesday he faces a brain surgery.

Squeaker was diagnosed with autism this year and was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation (type 1) two years ago. This malformation is what is sending him to surgery just a few days before Christmas.

Tim & I are going to go down to visit our friends as soon as I get off of work on Wednesday.  While I am thrilled to see them again (it's been 5 years- yes, we've never met Squeaker, but I do remember him as a bulge in his Mama's belly) I'd happily never see them again if it meant we wouldn't be headed to a hospital.

So if you get an opportunity today, tomorrow or any day, please think of Squeaker and his family!

ETA:  Squeaker is out of surgery! Things went more quickly than they expected and he's out early.  No incidents, hooray!


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