Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year!

Of course I had to post on Leap Year Day.  How often do we get the chance?  Well..once every 4 years, but that is completely beside the point.

I've always thought those folks born on a Leap Year Day were lucky.  I mean it's pretty cool to be born on a day that doesn't even exist most other years.

I wish it wasn't so raining and gross today.  I've got nothing interesting planned to do- just trips to the bank, the grocery store and Target.  I really lose my motivation when it's storming outside though. 

I promised Tim we could go out to dinner tonight.  He had to do a funeral yesterday and the family gave him a token of appreciation. So I'm going to let him splurge a little before I snatch the rest away and put it towards our San Diego trip.


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