Monday, February 27, 2012

Talking to Cats

This is a conversation I had with my needy cats this morning:

"Boo.  Stop."
*twine around my legs, twine around my legs, try to do a handstand on my foot to simulate being petted.*
"Boo- STOP."
*run three steps away, look offended, come back immediately and start doing it again.*
I look down at him, disappointed that he is still trying to kill me while I get ready for work.
I sit down on the couch to put on shoes, he immediately takes this as a sign of weakness and brushes his black body back and forth across my legs.  Toby jiggles his way across the room and starts attacking my shoelaces as they flop around, clearly simulating some kind of flat, wormlike prey he would kill in the great outdoors...if he had ever been outside.

"Boys.  STOP."
I stand up.  Boo immediately runs over, flops on his belly and gives me his most come-hither stare."Boo, I love you, you needy bastard."
"Toby, ok, you're a needy bastard too!"
*Toby jiggles away, satisfied*.


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