Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Dog is Smarter Than I Am.

River was being particularly obnoxious, chewing on Bear's head while he sat beside of me on the couch.

"Go get your"

While I was desperately trying to figure out the word for that new pink, birdlike toy that she is currently in love with, I noticed Dixie tearing through the house.

Before I could finally figure out what in the hell that bird's name is, Dixie appears, holding this:

No worries! I got it!

Yeah.  It's the penguin toy. She picked it out of the 15 stuffed toys scattered through out the house.  It's not even her favorite toy.  It's River's.
Totally disgusting.
Before today, Dixie was kind of what I'd call... well... a doofus.  When I saw her go running off, I figured she was simply headed off to grab any toy she could find so I'd toss it for her.  In fact- right now she just got caught licking River's butt.  Is that an act of an intelligent dog? No.

And yet... she got the penguin.

This is the pink whatchamacallit that showcased Dixie's hidden genius.
Could she do it again? I don't know.  Probably not, but then again, I didn't think she could have done it the first time.  Regardless, she managed to pick the exact toy I told River to get by, listening to a word I've never taught her.

Meanwhile, I couldn't remember... Oh! Flamingo.


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