Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess what I'm getting?


I had planned on getting some last summer, but unfortunately things didn't work out.  However, I have recently decided to get bantams instead.  I will be keeping 4-6 bantam hens.  My plan is to convert one of the 3-hole rabbit stackers to make chicken stackers instead.  The girls will be paired up and stay in the cages when we're not home or at night.

During the day when we are home, they will have the use of roomy "chicken tractors" to play in the sunshine and in the grass.  I also want to turn them loose in the garden plot and let them go to town there!

I am looking forward to getting eggs from the girls.  While bantam chickens don't lay as well as larger chickens, they are going to be easier to keep and tend.  I think the smaller eggs will be beneficial for us as well, as I don't run through dozens of eggs each week- so using 2 eggs to make up one large is not going to be a hardship.

I had to order 25 chicks, so I am going to be selling off excess.  Luckily, I don't think that will be a problem at all.

They are going to ship out on February 22nd! I expect them on the 23rd, which gives me time to get everything set up, thankfully!

Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures! My Homesteading dream is slowly coming true, hehe.



  1. hahahahaha you only think you'll keep *just* 4-6 hens. Once you see them you'll want to keep all of them, especially a rooster so you can hatch out just a "few" eggs. Chickens are very addicting.

    1. We shall see lol. My goal is to stay small!