Monday, February 6, 2012


Or if you're in the South- Coke Cake.  Soft Drink Cake?  Never Pop Cake down here though- never.

This one is super easy.  It's a good way to cut some of the calories and fat out of your cake recipes.

You'll Need:
1 can of Sprite (or Sprite Zero)
1 box of White/Yellow/Light Colored cake mix.

That's it.  Mix the Sprite and the Cake Mix together, bake like your normally would.  Be warned these cakes/cupcakes don't get that beautiful browning that regular cakes do, but that's ok.  Just insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean, you're fine!

If you want to make a dark cake, like Chocolate, use a dark soft drink, like Coke.

It's really super easy.

Here are some fun suggestions for "mixing it up" a little and playing with your flavorings:

Cream Soda and White Cake
Cherry Coke and Chocolate Cake
Ginger Ale and White Cake
Coke Vanilla and Chocolate Cake
Orange Soda and White Cake
Sprite and Yellow Cake
Root Beer and Chocolate Cake

Really- the sky is the limit! You can do anything you want to do.

I love to make cupcakes because you can use 1 tbsp of regular frosting (serving size is two tbsps).  That also helps keep your fat and calories down!

These definitely taste better on Day 2, isn't it odd how some cakes need to "age" a little?


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