Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Saturday Shopping

Well, I made a mistake.  I tried to go out shopping for non-essential items on the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

Good Lord...people are crazy!

Everywhere we went, people were stocking up on party items.  People who have never made shopping lists in their lives were walking around with a pad of paper two inches from their noses, bowling over other shoppers who were doing the same thing.

I saw three people purchasing big new TVs.

Luckily, we were able to get everything we needed with only a general amount of irritation.  I only had to cuss two people.  Oddly enough it was because both were trying to run us over in the parking lot. *sigh*.

At Target, one of my coupons for $1.00 off was scanned twice, which I didn't notice until we got to the car and I was reviewing the receipt. No, I didn't go back in and correct the mistake.  I figure it evens out from the last shopping trip, when they cheated me out of $0.75 and the various trips where I don't get my 5 cents off the total for bringing my own bag.

I took advantage of the Michael's $5/$5 coupon (good only Friday and Saturday) to stock up on yarn and to also buy a small cake pan.  It is one coupon per customer, per day, so I went both Friday and Saturday and dragged Tim along too.  Not bad, to get $25 worth of stuff for $5, including tax.

I got a lot of good deals today thanks to my coupons.  I think when Tim and I are ready to upgrade to a better TV, I'll try to get one around the Super Bowl- there were some pretty good deals out and about!


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