Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

What a weekend we have had- you won't believe it!

On Thursday, as I am about to head to work after yet another night of not sleeping well, we realize that while we let two dogs out to use the bathroom, only one came back.  River ran away.   Tim and I split up and searched the neighborhood calling out her name.

At 9:40am, an hour after the dog went missing, just as we slide under a fence to begin walking the neighbor's acreage, Tim gets a phone call.  His Granny Irene passed away.

At 10:00am we called off the search.  Tim went to his office and I called in to my job to let them know if she wasn't home by 11:30 am I'd be switching off with Tim- he'd come home and wait to see if she wandered back home while I went to work.

I spent the next hour and fifteen minutes sitting on the front porch with Bear & Dixie, hoping they'd bark, play and generally attract River back home.

At 11:15 I called her name half-heartedly one last time- and imagine my surprise when she almost instantly appeared, soaking wet, muddy and smelling like stagnant pond water.  I was able to head off to work, while poor Tim had the joy of coming home and giving her a much-needed bath.

We talked with Tim's parents and were told the funeral for his Granny would be at noon on Saturday- in Georgia. We sent the dogs to stay with my dad and Friday morning found us Georgia bound.  What a drive!

Tim preached his Granny's funeral on Saturday and then we hit the road.  Saturday was my Dad's birthday and we had been planning a party for him while we all watched the Carolina vs. Duke game.  We left at 12:45pm and made it to his house by 6:45pm- only 15 minutes to spare!

From there we watched the Tar Heels whip the Blue Devils (the smile is still plastered to my face), then it was home for a much needed rest.

I thankfully got to sleep in today! I wish I could avoid work tomorrow- but instead, I've got 2 1/2 hours to make up from the stupid dog running away.  Sigh.  

It's looking like this week/next weekend is going to be just as busy!  Oh well, I guess I can rest when I'm 80!


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