Monday, February 13, 2012

Couponing Brag!

Here is a couponing brag!

I bought everything in the picture for $1.33.  Got back $7.00 in ECBs from CVS and will be submitting the receipt for a $5 Mail in Rebate!

I used 4- BOGO coupons for the Speedstick, which was on sale for $1.99.  For whatever reason, the coupon automatically took $3.99 (the max value) off.  CVS is aware of this oddity and doesn't fix it- I was very surprised! I bought over $15 worth of Speedstick/Mennen products, so I got $5.00 ECBs

The toothpaste was on clearance for $1.94.  I used a $0.75/1 coupon.

We use 1 ECB from a previous week.

So there we have it! Subtotal was $0.19, I paid $1.14 in tax and voila!  A VERY good deal!


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