Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monster-in-Laws- Episode 2...kinda 1 though.

No, this is not about my in-laws. 

I already posted about my love of overly dramatic reality shows.   I've been eagerly anticipating the premier of a new show, "Monster-in-Laws".  In this show, families are highly dysfunctional.  An in-law may come to visit and just wreak havoc on the household for days, it may be an all the time problem- anything could happen.

I had two episodes of it DVR'd and silly me, I watched the second episode first, not that it matters.  This episode was about a girl named Kristin, her husband (I think his name was Scott?  We'll call him Scott) and her mother (Susan? Maybe?).  Her mother and her husband fought like cats and dogs.  She was overly demanding, opinionated and demanded that he get a job.   From his side, he informed us that he was some kind of fancy-version landscaper/contractor and because of the economy, times were tough.  Fair enough.

I was very pleased with the first part of the show, then it all went South.  We find out that Susan and Kristin had been estranged for over 5 years when Scott suggested they reconcile.  Big mistake, I'm thinking, as Kristin articulates that same thought.  Kristin is very pregnant and Susan is beside herself with terror that she won't get to see her grandchild in the future.   So they work through some of these issues and Susan learns to sometimes keep her big mouth shut.  Nice.

However, we find out a lot of the tension and the reason Susan keeps hassling Scott about a job is that Scott and Kristin owe her over $50,000 for renovations!  This comes out when Kristin is complaining that Susan refuses to get a job to help them not lose their house.  Hold up there baby-cakes, this is your mother.  She already loaned you $50,000 and bought you hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff (as we saw when they went through and put price tags on items in the house that she had purchased)!  Let me say, as well- I don't know what they did with this $50k, the house is unfinished and a disaster.   When the therapist asked the youngish couple to say outloud how much they could pay Susan weekly or monthly towards the loans, they say "Literally, not even $5".  Wait... you have a baby on the way! What?!

 I was looking for 100% in the right or 100% in the wrong.  Instead, I suddenly find myself all up in this couples business, agreeing with the "Monster-in-Law" that Scott should get his lazy ass up and go mow grass if that's what it takes to support his family!  Apparently he is a lazy-good-for-nothing who just lounges around all day while her daughter works.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this show.  At only 30 minutes, I don't feel like you really get enough of a sense of the "whole story" and there isn't nearly enough time for the fantastic melt-downs that are the whole reason I watch these types of shows.  The surprise about the couple owing $50,00 came in just the last few minutes.  The reconciliation was a bit quick too- in seconds the mother-in-law is learning to hold her tongue and to date the couple hasn't paid a dime back to her.  She does get to see the grandbaby once every two weeks though.

I'm hoping other episodes will redeem this show a bit, but so far, it's passable.  Something to watch when there is absolutely nothing else on, but not anything to really look forward to.


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