Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why I need to pay more attention when I read...

I'm hunting across all of the Groupon, Living Social, etc. etc. sites today, trying to find discounted tickets to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (I was just informed I will be stabbed if I call it a race track) Museum.

There it was on Groupon: An ad.  In my quick scan I saw "Ticket, Speed, Indy Speed".  I HAD IT! I had stumbled upon exactly the groupon I needed. 

Then I read it a little more closely. 

One, Two, or Four Tickets to a Speed-Dating Event From Indy Speed Date (Up to 58% Off)  Over 200 bought


This is not exactly what I thought it was.

On a side note, why exactly do you need two or four tickets to a speed dating event?


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