Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Hell is the Chipmunks on Endless Loop..."

We helped a friend with a Halloween Party for her daughter yesterday.  D is 9 and she invited over several friends ranging in age from 9-11.

Tim and I are not used to so many little girls running around.  D is often a relatively calm, quiet child.  Last night however, she was a typical, screaming, squealing, bouncing up and down little girl who was amplified times 5.

We all hung out in the basement where frequent cries of "more smoke!" rang out, demanding the fog machine be turned on again.  It choked all the adults but didn't even slow the girls down.  Then we had the pleasure of watching them pick up the bottles from "pumpkin bowling" and beat each other with them.  Then the girls beat each other with balloons.  Then they ran upstairs, back downstairs, back upstairs, back downstairs, then started beating each other with pompoms.  All the while, shrill shrieks rang out over the Halloween music playing in the background.  Even the deaf dog ran upstairs to hide from the noise. 

Then came the various attempts at impaling themselves on any sharp corner that might present itself- the edge of a table, the edge of a fireplace, witch hats... whatever.  It was clear it wasn't going to be a party until there was real blood on the floor.

There were more squeals and pushing, fighting and screams of "ME ME ME ME ME ME" when it came to getting the party snacks.  Every single girl fought tooth and nail to be the first to get a piece of the "brain" (made with jello and suitably gray and disgusting looking).  However, not one single girl ate it.  I watched them- they tried to force all the adults to eat it, then it ended up in the trash.  Why fight over it in the first place? Incomprehensible.

Just as the party reached it's most frenzied pitch, after pin the tail on the cat, a mummy-wrapping game where they wasted three rolls of toilet paper and a failed witch-hat ring toss, someone came up with the idea of playing freeze dance.  This involved watching the children doing highly inappropriate dancing (thank you TV) until the music was paused.  Whoever moved after that was "out".  Thankfully, we were able to the girls they had to quiet down so they could hear the music.  *whew* A break from the constant assault on my ears...right?

Unfortunately, the song they most enjoyed dancing to was the Chipmunks singing some awful Halloween song.  I honestly don't even know what it was.  I don't want to know what it was.  Why we skipped over Thriller and went instead to Chipmunks over...and over...and over... I will never understand.

Thankfully after six rounds of this, the parents started showing up to collect their children.  After finally having to blast the last mom and daughter out the door, we all collapsed upstairs on the couch.  D began to speak, but was quickly shushed.  We all wanted to enjoy the silence for just a few seconds.

Then it was off to home to drag ourselves outside to feed the animals and a very early bed time.


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