Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have a couple new favorite shows. I'm starting to get sucked in to more and more of these overly dramatic "reality" shows. I'm going to talk about my current Top 2 though.

Dance Moms: Good lord, I watched a few episodes of this show and it was CRAZY. Little girls being forced to dance with sore hips, mutterings of "Oh of COURSE the favorite MADDIE gets ___". These people are CRAZY. Every episode at least two little girls cry and the moms most often just tell them to suck it up. The moms are SO snarky too, even when they aren't actually going at each other tooth or nail, someone is always making a comment about the size of a nose or how old another one is... loves it.

Bridezillas: This is an oldie but a goodie. Crazy, insane women in the final week(s) of their wedding planning, going absolutely nutso on anyone within a 50 mile radius. Tim hates this show because the women are so psychotic and the husbands are very abused. Is it bad of me that I always root for one of these put-upon grooms to up and leave the women like they threaten to for the entire show? Probably, but I do it anyway.

Tim sighs in disgust through most of my shows lol. He says "You just watch this for drama, don't you?"

Of COURSE! But hey, it's better for me to sit at home and watch other the drama of other people, than be one of those folks that have to create my own for entertainment! This way, I can live nice and happily drama free, unless I want to hit "Play"!


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