Friday, January 31, 2014

Warmth at the end of the tunnel

It has been freezing cold here in the South lately- and by freezing, I should clarify.  Freezing would have been glorious.  We got down to single digits on night- and if I wanted to deal with those kinds of temperatures, I'd move up North.

It has been hard to take care of the animals.  They are cold, our hands are freezing as we try to open cages- let's just say the poor rabbits haven't gotten a lot of attention lately.

What has gotten attention? Their frozen water bottles. We have to collect the bottles, then soak them in hot water to unfreeze the bottles, then fill them up with fresh, unfrozen water.  We head out and give the bottles back to the thirsty rabbits.  Rinse, Repeat. 

I have high hopes that the bottles will remain unfrozen for the next few days.  Both the rabbits and we would appreciate the break!

It's looking like we'll have some days of very warm weather (mid-50s to high 60s), followed by some days where we hover around freezing.  Then back to warm, back to cold. 

It's ten wonders we all aren't super sick.  The poor animals are never going to figure out if they should molt their coats or hold on to them!


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