Friday, January 10, 2014

A quick, easy meal- and unpaid review

So, you guys know I'm all about quick, cheap meals-(I love to cook, but sometimes you just wanna throw something together and EAT.)  I picked up a box of Chicken Helper for a buck at Food Lion and thought- let's give this a shot.

So today, I finally decided to use it.  I had a chicken breast in the fridge from the package we bought the other day.  I fired up the stove and started making the mac and cheese side dish that is included, while Tim cut a chicken breast in to four "tenders".  It took less than 20 minutes for us to make the meal.

I have to say- I was reasonably impressed.  There was enough Mac & Cheese for three people to have good sized helpings.  There was more than enough bread crumbs to have coated three sets of chicken tenders- so hey, I am going to go on and say "this is a good size for three folks".

The chicken was a little bland- you could catch hints of the bacon flavor occasionally, but mostly it just tasted like friend chicken.  Hey, I like fried chicken, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

The Mac & Cheese was actually pretty good.  I love Kraft Mac & Cheese- the cheap stuff.  The powdered deliciousness.  This was actually pretty close- and believe me, I can tell the difference.

Overall, I'd say these are a great, cheap "emergency meal" kit to keep on hand.  A box of Mac & Cheese will cost you a dollar these days, after all. 

Something to keep in mind for your pantry! :)- Plus, it's way cheaper than eating out :D.


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