Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too many buns!

We have a small household- there are just the two of us, so things like Hot Dog buns and Hamburger buns kill me.  We have to buy them in packs of 8, but we don't eat Hot Dogs or Hamburgers often enough that I can use a whole pack of buns before they go bad! 

At least I can buy the weenies in packs that allow me to split them up and we make our own hamburger patties, so I combine the meat- one day we may have spaghetti and meatballs, then two days later, we'll have burgers.  That's the easy part to divvy up.

So what are some ways to use those excess buns?

Garlic toast: I throw a little butter on the buns, sprinkle a little garlic salt (or sometimes, cheese) and pop it in the toaster oven as a compliment to other meals.

Breadcrumbs:  Yes, even buns work well to make your own breadcrumbs.  The easiest way is to tear the buns in chunks and toss them in your food processor.  A few spins later, breadcrumbs!

Sandwiches:  Yep, I've been known to make myself a sandwich using a hot dog bun.  Better than letting it go to waste! It's kind of like a small sub.

Hot Dogs on Hamburger buns:  I hate Hot Dogs on sandwich bread.  Don't ask me why, I always have.  So imagine my dismay recently to open up a leftover pack of buns and find mold on them! Ugh, and here I thought I was doing so well!

Hamburgers are on the menu later this week, so we hit on an idea-

After cooking the hot dogs, Tim sliced them lengthwise down the center (then he threw them back in the pan because he loves them a bit charred lol).  Then, we cut the hot dogs in half width-wise. We put four pieces to a bun, topped it like normal and enjoyed our lunch.   Yes, it was a little more bun than we usually have with the dogs, but hey.... it killed two birds with one stone, since now I don't have to worry about what to do with the leftover hamburger buns we'll end up having!


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