Saturday, January 11, 2014

Homemade Pico De Gallo

This recipe is for my Chicken Tacos recipe which will be coming soon.  It serves approximately two people (four generous tacos) with a tad left over, so be sure to adjust it accordingly.

This is a SUPER laid back recipe.  I will tell you how I do it, but it's very much to your taste.

You'll Need:
1 large Roma Tomato
Lemon Juice
Cilantro (optional)
Green onions (scallions)
Black Pepper

Wash your Roma, then dry it off. Cut the tomato in to uniform slices.  I like mine to be less than 1/4" thick, but just go with it. 

I remove the pale core and seeds, then stack a few slices on top of each other and cut them at a 90 degree angle from the original slices, making the tomato chunks very small.  Again- just go with it.  It depends on how chunky you want your pico. I don't like large chunks :).

Put your tomato in to a very small bowl or container.  I put a spoonful of lemon juice over top of the tomato pieces, then stir it slightly.

Get out your scallions.  Slice off the roots and a few inches of the top of the greens, then make small, even slices to the white bulb, continuing up the stalk until you finish it.  I like a lot of scallions, so I tend to use at least four stalks, though I only use about halfway up the green stalk.  I recommend cutting them one at a time, then dump the scallions in your pico, stirring it, and making the decision whether you'd like to add more or not.

Cilantro! Love it or leave.  I love it, so for this recipe I pulled out four stalks of cilantro, washed them, then patted them dry.  Fine chop them from top to bottom, then fine chop the leafy parts again.  Dump it in your pico bowl and stir!

I pour a little regular table salt in to my hands, then take a pinch and sprinkle it on the top of the mixture.  Stir, then take another pinch and spread over the top- then stir again.

Shake a bit of black pepper over the top, stir one last time and voila! Your homemade pico de gallo is done! 

This is such an excellent recipe that is highly customizable.  It's all about what you want and how much you want it!


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