Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So Over Working

I'm So. Over. Working.



I don't like it.

Sigh.  Too bad our society still uses that pesky thing called money.

This isn't how it was supposed to go, you know.   After graduating with my double degrees from the university of my dreams, it was all going to be awesome.  A job I loved, a paycheck I loved, an area I loved- no worries.

Instead, what happened?  It was hard to find work.  I was stuck in a job I despised, but that loved me- with opportunity to advance.  We moved to a place with no employment, unless you happened to be Bubba's third cousin twice removed.  No jobs for outsiders, you know.  The economy collapsed.  Jobs shriveled up.  It became a "take what you can get, because it's the only game in town" world.

So I eked out money with my crappy retail job, while Tim was paid bare minimum in a place we hated with people that hated us.

Then we got to move again.  Back to an area I loved.  Surely back near a large city there would be jobs! I was back in the area I grew up in.  My turf.  Try to stop me now.  Sure, there were setbacks, but I was home.  The economy would start picking up any time now.


So here I am again.  I'm lucky I have a job, I really am.  The first few months I was worried.  The only jobs I could find were second-shift mill jobs or fast food jobs.  I'm not a snob- ok maybe I am.  I don't want to work at McDonalds.  I don't want to work a second-shift mill job.  My parents and my grandparents busted their butts doing things like that so I don't have to.  That's the true American Dream.  Work hard at a job that is better than your parents had, so your kids can have better than you.  I'm not disparaging anyone.  I'm just being honest.  No one dreams as a small child, "I want to work for barely minimum wage."

Anyway.  So this job opened up.  It seemed like a miracle.  It was part time, but pays a good bit above minimum wage. It seemed pretty low-stress and while it wasn't my dream job, it was a job.

It sucks.  Not only do I not have enough to do, none of what I do is important. I get some compliments, which is nice, but I don't think they half pay attention to things I try to improve.  In fact, I mostly only hear from people because something wasn't done instantly.  Lord forbid I forget something, when it's something that you should really be doing yourself in the first place.

So, I coupon like crazy and do my online surveys (which I am doing simultaneously as I blog) to supplement my income so that we can pay off debt quicker and begin saving to become rich. Ha.  Rich.

Regardless, I'm so "over" working.   What would you do if you hit the lottery and hit it big?  Let's say 30 million bucks in your pocket, after taxes.   I've got a plan and I'll post it in a day or two.

Now I just need to get out there and start buying tickets.


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  1. I feel ya. I have been in the same job for 8 years. Pay isn't great (was double what min wage was then they raised min wage but not our pay... now it's about $4.50 over min wage). They haven't given raises in 4 years (going on 5). BUT, the insurance is good, it's a steady job, gives me enough money to save to adopt a child (ok, in 4-5 years - $35000 is a lot to save and we want to have a savings in addition to that) and to care for my animals.