Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas must be tomorrow-

Surely Christmas must be in the next few weeks.  There is no way it's two months away, with a holiday (Thanksgiving, for those of you that are unsure) still to come.

Christmas booklets touting the new "hot toyz" that no child has ever heard of are everywhere.  I saw multiple Christmas commercials on tv yesterday and most of the stores around me officially have their store decorations up.

Wow.  Not all of the Halloween clearance items have been sold, yet Christmas decorations and gift items are already on the shelves.

It kills me.  We aren't even a full week in to November.  Oh I guess we have to ignore Thanksgiving, the holiday where we give thanks, because we don't get candy or gifts.

Sigh- yes, I'm grumpy, but geez. I've been watching Christmas encroach upon Thanksgiving all my life.  In recent years, I've been watching it try to take over Halloween too.  Soon we're going to start decorating for Christmas the day after the 4th of July.




  1. It is a bit over the top, isn't it? Christmas is nice and all, but I've always enjoyed Thanksgiving. My family still gets together but we aren't stressing over buying gifts for everyone. Makes for a more relaxed holiday.

  2. Thanksgiving is definitely one of the more laid back holidays- or used to be! Black Friday ads are already leaking out! O.O

  3. lol Well I've only been Black Friday shopping once and that was in the evening when everything had calmed down so for me it is a calm holiday. :)

  4. lol! I am definitely not going out this year. My shopping is done and I'm trying not to be goaded in to spending money I don't need to on super cheap items I don't need or really want!