Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheaper Insurance?

We went to the bank the other day, an errand I'm torn about.  On the one hand, I hate having to stand in line and then wait at the counter while the tellers take forever to process just a few checks.  Then again, going to the bank means it was payday and payday means money!

Anyway, I was in my local credit union when I noticed a new flyer- they are now offering insurance! More specifically, renters insurance, auto insurance and health insurance!

Tim and I have been complaining about the rising costs of my health insurance in particular.  Because so few jobs provide benefits now (and mine certainly doesn't), we are paying out the nose for my health insurance... I don't even have vision or dental.

I'm excited to set up a meeting with a representative and see if we can't rework all of our current insurance into new policies with lower rates.   

It is overwhelming to try to figure out what kind of insurance you need- how much of a deductible to get, etc.  It's all a big gamble at the end of the day.  You're betting you'll need car, renters or auto insurance and they are betting you won't.

If we are able to save some money, my goal is to roll that forward on to another bill- like an extra payment on the car or Tim's student loans.  After all, we're already paying it now anyway, might as well at least use it to cut down on interest paid out!


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