Friday, June 1, 2012

First Harvest!

As a massive rainstorm hits us, we managed to run in to the house with the first harvest of the year!  Well, I ran in to the house.  Tim was stuck outside, belatedly trying to put up tomato cages on massive tomato plants.

Look at the size of the broccoli! It's ALL that big! I was amazed.   The hot banana peppers aren't exactly tiny themselves though.

One thing that is slightly worrying me- we already have green peppers at a decent size! Since I planted those to go in salsa and we don't have any tomatoes even close to ready yet, I'm getting a little twitchy.  Normally the green peppers are the last thing to come in- this year they are way early! Maybe that means we'll get a better harvest than normal.



  1. HOW are you getting your garden to do so well?? My garden is growing, but not nearly as nice as yours. I'm jealous.

  2. lol! I don't know, but we've done something horribly, horribly right this year- we're going to be covered up in produce!

    I covered the whole garden in black plastic this year to kill the weeds and that is really the only thing we're doing differently- other than Tim not just watering it in the morning, he's watering it whenever he thinks about it.