Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spoiled Rotten...Chickens?

Our chickens are possibly the most spoiled creatures on earth.  No really.

Apparently they have come to the decision that we should hold each and every treat for them, while they nibble on it.  I went out earlier with a bowl of broccoli stems, strawberry tops, a small piece of stale bread and half a banana pepper.   Tim and I were required to hold each piece of food while they nibbled it and clucked to each other, trying to decide if they wanted to finish eating it or not. 

In true picky-chicken form, they turned their beaks up at the broccoli in favor of the sweet strawberries and bread.  Tim is convinced I've spent too much time with them and they've picked up on my eating habits.  I'd have gone for the strawberries and bread too!

They all are starting to let me pet them now.  The two black hens pretty much always let me, others I can only stroke when they are distracted by food.  Hopefully they will all eventually let me snuggle them.  Yes, snuggle chickens.  Don't judge me!

Frizzle crowed all morning- starting at 5:30am.  I think we normally wouldn't have heard him, but we were both up for a potty break- his squawking made it very hard to get back to sleep, so I am thinking he may have to be rehomed.  I hate to do it because Tim loves him very much, but I don't want complaints from the neighbors- and I sure don't want my sleep interrupted!

I had looked in to placing another chick order to hopefully get more frizzles (and keep a hen this time!), but the specialty color I wanted is sold out until Spring 2013! So it looks like that idea is out until at least next year.  That may be the smarter way to go anyway.


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