Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye

When you raise animals, you get used to saying goodbye to them, whether it is through death or through sales.

Thankfully, this post is about sales!

I sold Frizzle and Mottled, two of the bantam cochin chickens yesterday.  I also sold the pair of d'uccles I had and a pair of dark laced bantam cornish!  I am thrilled.  We are down to just six chickens- five hens and a rooster.  

I'm tickled! I let the sales group go for a steal, but they are going to a good home and we already have made plans to get a Frizzle baby back- only it will be a pullet this time.  Now I have less birds to feed and take care of, and a better ratio of "egg-layers" to "worthless but pretty" boys.

That's one less thing to stress about! Hooray!


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