Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selling Books

Tim and I spent Saturday bumming around the counties adjacent to the one we live in.  It was fun, we went to a festival that grossly misrepresented itself (150-200 vendors?  Try 15-20).  We walked the Farmer's Market, which was super crowded, then we headed to the county I grew up in to check out the Hospice Thrift Store.

I found a beautiful frame for a print Tim gave me for our anniversary- only it was $40 and had no glass! No thank you.  I did end up getting several other pieces of art though, so that was nice.

The biggest find was also the one I was least looking for.  Tim purchased several paperback books and I was browsing them in hopes of finding a few cheapies that might be fun to read.  I don't want to pay $10 on Kindle for a series I'm on the fence about.

Instead, I found books 1-3 of the Game of Thrones series.  I know that's not the series name, but you people know what I'm talking about.  I tried to read book 1 "Game of Thrones" years ago and couldn't get in to it.  At all.

So I called up my friend Becca to see if she needed Book 2 or 3- nope, she has them already, but asks that I pick up Game of Thrones because she loaned out her copy and the loanee is slow in returning it. 

I remember an app on my phone called "Redlaser"- it tells you the online prices of things with barcodes. I scan the two books and see both are selling for around $5.00 on amazon.  So, I take a deep breath and take the plunge, buying the two new books for 50 cents each.

Around 11:00am I listed both for sale and I'm thrilled to announce both have sold.  Yes.  In less than 8 hours I sold two books I've owned for less than 24 hours.

After Amazon takes their cut and after I ship them out, I'll be netting around $7 for both books. Not too shabby!  I was surprised that there was such a market since the books are hardly new- I first tried to read Game of Thrones 10 years ago and it wasn't new then!  I suppose the HBO series helps the books take on a new life.

Needless to say, I'll be more mindful when I'm checking out thrift stores from now on! I am thinking I'll do a follow up post soon on what to look for in items you'd like to resale.


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