Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To sleep-perchance to dream

I've been having really... I guess you would call them busy dreams lately.  They aren't necessarily bad dreams, but there is so much going on in them I don't wake up feeling rested.  Maybe it's not there is a lot going on, but it's that I'm too close to consciousness and I remember too much of them- really I don't know. 

It's definitely no fun though.

Two days ago I caught myself about to start sleep-meddling.  In this case, I was seconds away from ripping all the covers off the bed (where Tim was trying to sleep, blissfully unaware) and taking them in the laundry room to wash them in the middle of the night.

This morning, my alarm went off for work and I lay there drifting in and out of sleep, telling myself I needed to get up.  That kind of extra "rest" isn't going to make me feel any better, but somehow I just could not force myself out of bed.   Eventually Tim started kneeing me (which earned him grunts of not-happy) and I dragged my tired body out of bed.

I seem to go through cycles of not sleeping well.  It's never just one bad dream or one "busy" dream.  It's always a set of them- maybe it lasts a week, then I sleep wonderfully for a while.  Or I have 10 days of not being able to fall asleep at night, then suddenly I'm sleeping like a baby for a month.

I can never tell why these periods of troubled sleep happen.  Sometimes I can break the cycle though, I'm hoping I can do that this time.


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