Friday, August 19, 2011

The Light Switcher Off-er

I'm quite sure I drive Tim insane.

As some of you know, I'm way in to couponing and saving money. They are just two of my many talents and hobbies (along with my modesty).

Recently, I begin thinking of even MORE ways I can shave pennies off our bills. Yes, pennies.

I realized that one thing I often do is leave lights on in an area, rather than just in the room I am in. I'm a lights nazi. I will admit it. I despise leaving lights on in any part of the house I'm not currently using and over the years, I've beaten that in to Tim as well- "We don't leave lights on in the kitchen if we aren't in the kitchen!"

However, I caught myself using three different lights while getting ready in the mornings because of the weird way our house is set up.

In the bathroom, there are two lights. One controls half of the bathroom, over the double sinks. One controls the obnoxiously loud fan and the light above the toilet and the tub. I was using both of these. Then, when Tim got up, I would turn on the light in the bedroom so I could get out my clothing for the day- not to mention the light in the walk-in closet. So I guess I really used four lights, but the closet was a quick flip on and off, so it hardly counts.

I digress. This happens a lot.

Anyway, what was the point of leaving all those lights on? Now, I only turn on the light over the sink (or if it's really dark, the light over the tub). Most of the time, the light over the sink gives off plenty of light in the toliet/tub area, I don't have to listen to the insane buzz of the most obnoxious fan ever and I'm not running two lights to light the same area.

Next, I'm breaking myself of the habit of leaving the bedroom light on. I'm in the bathroom drying my hair- why do I really need the light on in the bedroom? Likewise, if I walk in there, it's a quick flip to turn off the bathroom light and turn on the bedroom light. (light light light. light. light light).

Anyway, the point of all this is- even though I thought I was doing really well with turning off the lights to save money and electricity, there is always room for improvement!


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