Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I sit here typing this while I look outside through our glass door.

I see the same thing since I got out of bed at 9am- nothing.  We have some storm clouds, sure.  Some high winds? Well yeah, we're getting some gusts. However, the one thing we were counting on, even looking forward to is missing- the rain.

I live inland in North Carolina.  I wasn't worried for our area when Irene was a Category 3 and I'm even less worried now that she's a Category 1 and has been on land for several hours. Our coast is getting hit, but from everything I've heard, there is very little going on even there- about what you'd expect from a weak Hurricane.

The media REALLY has blown this one out of proportion.  The extreme coverage and fear-mongering from this Hurricane has been insane.  I can remember past years when North Carolina was pounded by hurricane after hurricane and the national media barely blinked in response.  However, on the heels of the odd earthquake, Hurricane Irene was heralded as the worst thing since Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana.  People as far up the Eastern Coast as New York have been in a state of panic for days now.

Ahh well.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy Irene has been a "bust" as far as The Big One, The End of the World, The Hurr-pocalypse, etc. etc.

I just hope that those folks who spent all their money (in this crappy economy) thanks to the media hype, on bottled water, generators, plywood, had the extra cash to spend on those things.



  1. A generator would come in handy on the coast. Our house is still without power.

  2. Although I definitely do think the media hypes things up too much.

  3. Oh yes, you guys are in a position where a generator makes sense- the NC coast has to deal with this way more often than say folks in the middle of Maryland that I've been watching FREAK out via Facebook lol. I'm glad to see you guys made it through ok and with no damage!