Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I think it's about time for a puppy update.

She is insane.  End of post.

No seriously, River is a very sweet little puppy.  She's at that age where she is either wide open or omg-I-think-she's-dead asleep.

I'm kind of liking the asleep time.  I forget how much energy puppies have.  They are crazy!

The poor little girl is covered in fleas.  The older dogs brought them in the house apparently, where they took up residence on the cats.  The Advantage flea medication is being less than effective in killing everything and the fleas have defected their hosts, jumping gleefully on to this little puppy who is completely medicine free, since she's entirely too young to have anything put on her.

A quick Google search revealed an interesting idea- bathe her in Dawn dish soap.  Well- it's safe to take oil off penguins, so why not?

So River had her first bath the other day.  She was really good- there was minimal thrashing around and the Dawn actually worked!  It was incredible to see them fall off of her.  I'd definitely say Dawn works better than the expensive flea shampoos I've purchased in the past.

Gypsy helped dry the poor, abused puppy.  I don't think it hurt that River smelled deliciously of green apple.



  1. Dawn works awesome for killing fleas. But once you apply flea drops Dawn will strip away the meds so we use something called BioGuard dog shampoo for in-between baths. It is guaranteed not to remove flea medication.

  2. Oh Dawn isn't something I'd use for regular bathing, I don't want to strip all the natural oils out of their skin and coats. :) I was just amazed at how ALL of them seemed to just die instantly. I despise fleas. She's old enough for medication on Friday and I am counting down the freaking minutes.