Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunburnt but fun!


We went to Hillsville Virginia this weekend for their annual Flea Market and Gun Show.  They estimate in 4 days 500,000 people will walk through there.

I believe it.

We just got home and I am sunburned (despite walking around under an umbrella that looks like a dinosaur- I got many compliments!) and exhausted, but it was so interesting to see all the junk people had.   Unfortunately, like everything I am afraid, the Hillsville venue has been overly commercialized.  Rather than regular people hanging out selling items, it was a lot of bulk socks, knives clearly purchased in huge lots, buy outs of places going out of business- oh and "antiques", aka so rusted no one can tell what it is.

I did manage to find a small Tigger plush dressed as Darkwing Duck (Let's get dangerous) which was adorable because it combines my favorite Disney character with Tim's.   I also found a beautiful painting for only $15!  I am painting broke now, I believe I'll have to sell a few of mine so that I can hand this new one!

Tim purchased a record and a 15 round magazine for his .30 Carbine.  My dad, who went with us, found nothing! That was the big surprise.

Oh well, we had a good time, spent very little money (yay for more money going in to the savings account) and we spent all day getting exercise instead of sitting on the couch!  I count that a successful day.

Now excuse me while I go recover by sitting on the couch and watching tv.


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