Monday, September 3, 2012

Harvesting and Storing

I have come to the conclusion I need more storage space.  Oh and about a billion convenient gadgets, but that is another story.

We put up two food-saver bags full of chicken- one of just the breasts and another bag with a whole chicken.  We also put up a back of thighs and legs- that will go to the dogs at some point, neither Tim and I like to eat thighs.  I don't want them to go to waste though!

We put up a few ears of corn- just four, since we had two with dinner and saved back two for another dinner soon.

I also finally put the apple chips in small food-saver bags.  They had been "seasoning" in mason jars on the counter (basically, I wanted to make sure there was no excess moisture to cause them to ruin, and it was easy access to snack on them!)  I went from four jars on the counter to just one- these will be the chips we eat first!

The garden is dying, but I've been reading about how to store green tomatoes so that they will continue to safely ripen.  Some folks have mentioned they have made green tomatoes last into November! I'm very tempted to give this a try, since it would be nice to not have to toss a ton of perfectly fine produce.   The cantaloupe vine is all but dead, however that last cantaloupe is very stubbornly hanging on.  I would have thought it would have been ready before now, but nooo.

I'm drying corn husks as we speak- these will go up for rabbit fodder in the winter.  If we have a mild winter like last year (unlikely) it will be unnecessary, but if not, it will be some welcome (and cheap aka. free) roughage for the rabbits.

Speaking of drying- I have more apple chips to make.  Not to mention a watermelon that is begging to be cut and dehydrated and another bag of apples being given to me soon!

Apple butter time, I guess!


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